Don't Be Afraid To Learning English !

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Today, August 26, 2013. My first class in my new semester is English Language I.  Obliged lesson that I have to complete well. My english lecturer is Mr. Robet Apriliant, M.Pd. After he introduce herself, He asked all of us in the class to introduce one by one with english. And with stand up, face to audiens (Friend).

The sentences must we said were very simple. Just what is your name? nick name?, where is your address? Your hobby? and last, what is your motivation to take department of informatic engineering?  I believe that all of my friend can speak it fluently. Why? because in Elementary, Junior, until Senior high school have ever given this lesson  again and again. So, they should memorized, right ? But, reality was wrong. Some of student were difficult to said some english sentences. Moreover, the command comes suddenly. Hmm...

Actually, the purpose of this introduction is interested, how we can measure our speaking. Then, my lecturer gave us a spirit and motivation. His story told us that he was a stupid man to learn english formerly. So, in the university he took english department to studying it more. He asked us to explore whatever we want, speaking, listening, writing and reading. And dream it, believe that you can dominated all. And the most important, don't be afraid to learning english. Because english is our future....

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